First Saturday is an exclusive invite only artist showcase event tailored to young creators and millennials. First Saturdays are held at secret locations around the San Francisco Bay Area. The purpose of this event is to give local artists a platform to perform and showcase their talents amongst a crowd of their peers and fellow artists. Artists range from fashion designers, singers, rappers, musicians, poets, small business vendors and more! 

Twinssocial has partnered with bay area multi media production company OUR TV to televise the event across the greater bay area. For most of these artists it is there first time in front of a crowd and on television. 

Our flagship event, First Saturday provides the opportunity and social platform to foster growth of entrepreneurship for the millennial generation. We want to cultivate a social movement and give our peers a voice. During this time of social and economical change,  it's crucial that we serve our communities by creating a positive outlet for artists to be heard and ultimately spark a social renaissance. We are much stronger together and if we unify we can make a difference and impact this world! 

To be apart of First Saturday, please email TwinssocialEvents@gmail.com